In the ‘retum we call these The Glory Days! Autumn here is like summer in a perennial garden. It’s just a bigger scale, but the same principles persist. Color is everywhere. Almost every tree and shrub is going shades of yellow, gold,orange, coral, salmon, cherry red, russet, maroon, burgundy, deep plum. The woodies and conifers that stay green or blue- provide the needed counterpoint for the deciduous players. As if all those colors and leaf shapes weren’t sufficient, the flowers of hydrangea and heptacodium and the berries of ilex, sorbus, viburnum, and callicarpa -give some billowy and staccato shape variety to the all-leaf display. When the foliage does turn all colorful , it lifts our eyes up from the devastation below, all the dessicating, withering , insect damaged and broken, brown. And like a great and fleeting sunset, it gives us visual joy as it gradually succumbs to the bareness of winter.



Mid November and Still Vibrant

Who says Z.5 gardens die in October? In a carpet of red, orange and gold the deep green hellebores stand out boldly, accompanied by a large array of perennials: lamium, pulmonaria, epimedium, liriope, persicaria Lance Corporal, geraniums, polygonum , many ferns, variegated bamboo, gingers, and the longest blooming perennial here, corydalis lutea.

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