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A very partial list of our favorite z.5 hardy deciduous shrubs:

VIBURNUM SARGENTII ‘ONONDAGA’ lg. Shrub, wonderful maroon bracts and maroon tinged spring foliage
VIB PLICATUM VAR. TOMENTOSUM SHASTA layered branches,lg wh. flat flower heads
and SHOSHONE (like small Shasta)
VIB. SUMMER SNOWFLAKE blooms all summer, flat white flower heads
V. PINK DAWN v. early small pink blooms

CORNUS: all are large shrubs except the mini
C. ALBA AUREO MARGINATA VARIEGATA- great bold med dk gn leaves w/ bold wide white edges
CORNUS MIDWINTER FLAME stems coral to flame in winter; fall fol. Color warm yellow/suffused w/ coral
CORNUS AUREA yellow summer foliage
C. GOUTCHALTII med dk gn leaves w/ wide bold yellow edge
CORNUS MINI VARIEG like alba aureo marg. var. but small- 2’globe.

lg. heart shaped med gn. leaves w/ clean yellow edge, stay on late in fall.
Dies to ground and sprouts anew every yr.

DAPHNE X BURKWOODII CAROL MACKIE small shrub, small dark gn lves w/ cream edge, sweet smelling spring pink bell flowers

DEUTZIA GRACILIS NIKKO small compact shrub
covered w/dainty white spring bells
ELEAGNUS UMBELLATA -lgshrub, silver foliage

FORSYTHIA x INTERMEDIA AUREA- small fountain of small bright yellow foliage through season
F. KUMSON – w/ strong white veining

BERBERIS HELMOND’S PILLAR – small ( to 4’hx12″w) columnar , burgundy foliage
B. RUBY GLOW – burgundy foliage med globe
B. AUREA – medium, SLOW growing compact globe , yellow leaves

COTINUS COGGYGRIA GRACE lg. Shrub, smoky blue- green- plum foliage
C.COG. ROYAL PURPLE med to lg shrub, burg. foliage, likes dry, exc. drainage
C. COG. AUREA yellow leaved, slow growing.

PHILADELPHUS AUREA – med. size shrub, small yellow foliage all season

PRUNUS X CISTENA – med to lg shrub,small maroon leaves

DISANTHUS CERCIDIFOLIUS -med to lg shrub .heart shaped leaves,
wine red fall foliage

CARYOPTERIS _DARK KNIGHT – small loose fountain of deep blue racemes_

BUDDLEIA ELLEN’S BLUE -med to lg shrub, good saturated blue/lav.flower wands
BUDDLEIA DARK KNIGHT – dk. ppl. wands

HYDRANGEA QUERCIFOLIA SNOWFLAKE flat dbl. blossom heads of
wh. flow. w/ yell. centers
HYDRANGEA KYUSHU – V. late blooming, loose white flower heads

SYRINGA VARIEGATA DAWN – med. to lg size, green foliage splashed w/yellow
SYRINGA SENSATION – (flowers of dk.ppl.rimmed w/white)

SINOCALYCANTHUS VENUS and HARTLEDGE WINE – long blooming 3″ waterlily-like sweet smelling flowers, white and burgundy respectively. Shade tolerant.

Calycanthus Venus, 3" blooms!

CALLICARPA PROFUSION – med to lg shrub,fall wands of small med ppl. berries

CLEMATIS INTEGRIFOLIA- shrub clematis, long blooming 2′ H fountain of blue

CORYLOPSIS SPICATA v early spring light yellow bell flower racemes

VITEX AGNUS-CASTUS lg shrub, similar to buddleia in habit, blooms V.LATE(oct/nov); v.wonderful fragrant foliage. Dies to ground in winter and resprouts from base in spring.

WEIGELA FLORIDA VARIEGATA lg shrub, med gn leaves w/ wide bright yellow edge
WEIGELA FLORIDA MIDNIGHT WINE – mini, varieg.burgundy foliage

KERRIA VARIEGATA – small fountain of serrated green leaves w/ white edge. light yellow open 1″ buttercup flowers

NEILLIA SINENSIS -a fountain of coral flower racemes in e.june,
delicate serrated leaves

CHAENOMELIS -quince, bright cup shaped salmon,orange or pink spring bloom

HAEMAMELIS – witch hazel, late winter small raggedy blooms- yellow to orange/red

ILEX WINTER RED profuse red berries in fall/winter

AUREA (yellow foliage)

AESCULUS PAVIA lg horsechestnut shrub w/handsome 5 part leaves and large upright bright salmon flower panicles; large decorative buckeye fruit.


Two Different Windows:
Red as Misery and Red as Joy

It is end July 2010, the year where everything in the garden is 3-4 weeks precocious. The plants all think it is the end of August. I have two upstairs windows that look out on the gardens. Through one my eyes are drawn to the rust colored 25′(baby) Katsura tree. This color might appear beautiful if I didn’t already know that that rust is the color of the Katsura’s entire canopy of burnt leaves. Katsuras hate the heat. No matter how much we water it, it always has this reaction to the inevitable intense heat of summer. The Katsura’s misery is my own.

As is the joy of the Shasta Viburnum. This ‘shrub that keeps on giving’, after its astonishing June display of bright white lacecap flowers adorning its elegant layered branches, is now ‘flowering’ anew with abundant berry clusters of bright Christmas red. Beyond the green and yellow treetops, the large area of red draws my gaze from its distant corner. In addition, it is filled with movement, as grateful grazing birds are continually flying in and out, creating a very dynamic scene.

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